Petra Zadnancinova  
Whistler, BC

When I met Lucie and Veronika, I had already had two work permit applications rejected and I had been staying in Canada only as a visitor. My employer was willing to support my application however I had no idea how to proceed with the application after all the previous rejections and I felt I was in a dead end situation.

Once Lucie and Veronika started to work on the application, things finally started to move. Thanks to their deep knowledge of the Immigration Law, they were able to discover that one of my work permit applications was unlawfully rejected due to a immigration officer error. They helped me to gather the complete documentation and write all the submissions letters so I was able to prove that an error had been made. The officer working on my application asked me for an interview and even then, I was happy to realize that I was not alone dealing with this. Due to their knowledge of the immigration principles that immigration officers based their decisions on, they were able to prepare me for the interview so that I was ready to answer all the questions and so that I got all my statements supported by proofs and sections from the Immigration Act.

I have obtained a work permit for two years and my door to permanent residency is now open. If you feel that your situation is desperate or if you do not want to mess something up and wish to get your permit at your first try, do not hesitate to put your destiny into their hands. Due to their thorough knowledge of Immigration Law and a true passion for their profession, they can not only prepare your application to perfection but they will also offer you psychological support throughout the whole process.


Ondrej Soudek

Pincher Creek, AB

I’ve been always doing everything by myself, very rarely asked for help someone else. But with fast changes of restrictions with getting working visa was pain in my butt. I wanted to live, not to be stuck and keep searching the ways.

Since first meeting with Coastal Immigration Ltd made me sure to leave it in their hands and brains. Long time process with plenty additional applications to let me in and be able to work has turned over into sweetest feeling – got my permanent residency after 6 months. Just in time, thank you „girls“. All sprinkled with very friendly and fair acts. Don’t hesitate to put your destiny to right hands. It is worth it! Now it’s time to keep enjoying beauty of Canada withou any limits.


Veronika B.

Salt Spring Island, BC

My name is Veronika B. and I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank Veronica Pronkova, of Coastal Immigration Ltd. 

Veronica and her firm have been immeasurably helpful during my application for Canadian immigration, not only by explaining and expediting the paperwork channels, but also by being an invaluable source of personal support throughout this detailed and demanding process.

Veronica's commitment to providing excellent and personalized communications during the process has eased the anxiety of working through the long and very involved process. I very much want to recommend the services of Veronica and her company to all persons who are serious about taking the bold step of seeking a new life in Canada!

The investment I have made in using Veronica's services has been the best decision that I have made in securing my new colourful and exciting life in Canada. 

Thank you SO MUCH!


Tereza & Luiz Lisboa 
Vegreville, AB

When we arrived to Canada, we thought we had quite clear idea about the whole immigration process, but as we received LMO (which was just about to expire), we realized, there are so many little details and each person we asked was giving us a bit different information. When we found about Lucie and I started communicating with her I felt huge relief as I was finally speaking to an immigration process professional.

She guided us through the whole paperwork for work permit; she made sure we have all the documents immigration office needed. We were able to put all the papers together within four days and our application was delivered to immigration office on the exact day the LMO was expiring. I am 100% sure that we wouldn’t make it without Lucie and her hard work and attitude. Now we have 2 year work permit and in one year, when we will be applying for permanent residency, we will be definitely cooperating with Lucie again. Not only that she has amazing knowledge of immigration law, she was communicating with us and reacting to our questions and concerns, she was giving us very detailed answers to our questions - but she was an amazing psychical support throughout the whole process. Due to her, we kept positive attitude and hopes for our future in Canada. We have no doubt about her professional knowledge and we will be very calm when she will be representing us through the PR process.

If you want to make sure you will do the right thing for your future in Canada, don’t ask for help and advice random people on discussion forums or Facebook pages. Ask a professional and don’t worry – the money spent on professional immigration services are the best investment into your future. You will not regret.


Tomas Korab
Whistler, BC

I was in Canada on the Young Professionals work permit when I got into a difficult situation - my employer went bankrupt and since my work permit was restricted to this employer, I was all of a sudden both without a job and without a valid work permit. I thought my situation was hopeless until I sought help from Lucie who was working as a CO-OP student for her professor from UBC at that time. She helped me to change the employer specified on my work permit from the old one to a new one who was willing to give me a job offer.

Thanks to her perfect submission letter for immigration officer and strong arguments explaining how my new job satisfied the condition of the Young Professionals program, I was able to receive a new work permit within one month. I decided to co-operate with Lucie when it came to my LMO application and work permit extension as well as I can rest assured that she`ll do her best to get my applications approved.